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NSSW Solid induction HF Welding Unit (HF Welder)

Suitable for continuous production of Longitudinal Welded tube and pipe production lines.

Components of the Equipment : NSSW-Solid State Induction HF Welder composing ofSCR DC Powersupply, HF inverter and water cooling unit(air-water-or water heat exchanger)

Major Parameters :
Power Supply
AC three-phase 380V/420V, 50Hz/60z,75KVA-1500KVA
(Different input voltage and frequency can also be arranged)
Oscillator Frequency : 200 KHz-400KHz
Output Power : 50 KW-1000KW
Cooling Method : Water Cooling

D.C. Power Supply Unit

NSSW - Weding Unit
Nirmal Supplies Latest Welding Unit as per the customer requirement two roll type, three roll type , four roll type and five roll type .

NSSW Inverter Outout Cabinet
Major Specification :
  • Water Cooled Larger power MOSFET has been used to for modularized structure. Solid state transistor is used.
  • Larger capacitors bank C and the induction coil L mounted surrounding the welding tube directly outputs coupling resonant without adapting any matching output transformer.
  • That enables the welder achieving higher output efficiency. The electric energy can be saved up to 30%
  • The Unit adapts compound resonant without higher voltages resulting safe and stable operation of the unit.
  • The component have been used for the control systems were produced by world known manufacturers. The parameters of voltage, current, power and frequency have shown diagnostic capabilities.
  • The seams welded with higher qualities due to the use of multi stage filtering system.
  • Equipped with a special designed coil holder enables the coils are placed in an optimum position for welding for welding.

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