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Hot Rolling Mills
Our range of hot rolling mills are extensively used for shaping large pieces of metal, such as slabs or billets. These pieces of metal are heated above their recrystallization temperature and then deformed between rollers to form thinner cross sections. The hot rolling produces thinner cross sections than cold rolling processes with the same number of stages. Hot rolling will reduce the average grain size of a metal, while maintaining an equipped micro structure.

We also specialize in undertaking Turnkey Jobs for Supply of Complete Rolling Mills including Design, Manufacture, Supply and Erection & Commissioning of the complete plant. With right blend of technology and experience, we have successfully executed various projects for installation of First Rate Machine Tools.

Hot Rolling Mills

Hot Rolling Mills

Hot Rolling Mills


Hot rolling mills are used mainly to produce sheet metal or simple cross sections such as rail road bars from billets.


Our range of coilers are used to manufacture heavy coils quickly, accurately and efficiently. The laying pipe of the machines are configured to obtain the out-put coils of perfect shape. Bearings are perfectly protected against heat radiations. The wires in the machines can be formed with the exact spread and pitch, reducing installation time in the stator or armature.

  • Rod sizes from 5.5mm to 12 mm
  • Bar speeds up to 40m/sec.

  • Compact and rugged
  • Upkeep costs are low
  • Dynamically balanced base
  • Variable speed drive
Applications: For drawing SS wire / HC wire , Twist free.


Rolling Mill Stands
We can manufacture and supply mill stands for rolling Wire rods / TMT / Light Section / Medium Section & Heavy Sections steel and of ferrous and non ferrous metals. These cost- effective conventional stands are available in both fibre bearing as well as anti-friction bearing. They can be opened or closed type.

We also manufacture advanced pre-stressed mill stands that are known for their consistency in maintaining stock sizes. These stands provide significant advantage of both closed top, of rigidity and open top, of easiness in roll changing. Pre - stressed mill stand can be availed in 3 High as well as 2 High configurations based upon the requirement of the clients. The unique cassette design of the stand reduces the roll changeover to almost 10 to 15 minutes.

We offer best solutions for mill stands to our clients with due regards to production, steel grades, easiness of maintenance and quality requirements.

  • Heavy duty and sturdy design which is suitable to bear overloads
  • Roll drafting arrangement
  • Axial adjustments
  • Hydraulic stand clamping
  • Constant pass line
  • Can be placed in both horizontal and vertical configurations
Rolling Mill Stand

Rolling Mill Stand

Rolling Mill Stands
Shears & Hot Saws
Crop & Cobble Shear
Crop & Cobble shears are start / stop type and are driven either with flywheel mounted pneumatic clutch/ brake or direct DC motor driven. These machines are used in hot rolling to front end, tail end and as well as to segment cutting in case of eventualities. The system provides very close cut length. Our crop cable can be configured with PLC for precise control over the process.

Cooling Bed Dividing Shear (TMT Shear)
Our range of cooling bed dividing shear uses thermo mechanical treatment process for reinforcement bars. These Shears are generally installed after quenching line & before entry to cooling bed. The dividing shear cools straight bar lengths to a temperature suitable for subsequent processing (around 3500C min.), to align front ends of bars for better yield, to form layers for feeding.

Rotary Shear
Rotatory are extensively used to crop front, tail and as well as to scrap the pre quenched bars during emergency. The continuous rotating sheer allow for cutting the largest of sheets. Our rotatory shear has been specifically designed to trim Hot Rolled Bars considerably at lower speed.

Hot Saws
Our advanced range of hot saw is an ideal way to help maximize the efficiency of the extrusion system. These saws are designed to cut every billet to the precise size as well as to trim front & Rear End. They are capable of cutting section size ranging from 160 to 600mm (Beam, Channel, Angle) and as well as square, racks of 40 to 250mm. We offer hot saws in two different models including Pendulum Swinging and horizontal shift type.


hot saws

Twin Channel
The twin channel is used to collect the TMT bars leaving the Quenching boxes after being sheared by the Flying Shear in two strands. These channel comprises of CI central box, water cooled to prevent warping during rolling, and C-type CI channels which are suspended from a longitudinal structural. The closed C-type channels ensure highest level safety during the operation. This is an excellent system as the bar is carried in the close channel , minimizing the risk of accident. It is the most desirable feature in a high speed rolling system.

Unique design configuration of the twin channels makes possible to work in conjunction with braking pinch rolls, minimizing the length of run-in. The automatic twin channels is guided by the discharge of the rods from dividing shear.

  • Bar size: Upto 40mm in dia and stock
  • Maximum speed: 25 mtrs per second

  • Twin water-cooled C-type channels with water cooling arrangement.
  • Supporting arrangement for the twin-channel and drive system.
  • Cam device for opening closing of the pipes.
  • Hydraulic Drive for operation of the cams.

Cooling Beds
The cooling beds are used to uniformly air-cool the bars & profiles and transporting the same in a phased manner from the entry to discharge side. Our cooling beds are specifically designed considering the smallest and the maximum size of the bars being rolled. These cooling systems provide adjustability to the size, shape, and alloy of the profiles with appropriate cooling rate and minimized distortion. This result is high quality profiles and throughput.

We offer a variety of cooling bed systems to accommodate a wide range of performance requirements and budget parameters. Some of the cooling bed types are:
  • Simple manual handled cooling bed with W Channel, Stationary Platform and run out table.
  • Automatic rake type cooling bed or automatic cooling bed which transfer the material by one pitch for every rake movement. These systems are provided with twin channel bar delivery system or run in table with apron type diverters. The bed is provided with bar aligning arrangement.
  • Simple rope skid / chain skid type cooling beds for sections.
  • Turn-over cooling bed for alloy steel which rotates the bars by one revolutions every time the rake moves by a pitch. These cooling beds impart better straightness in material with improvised metallurgical properties, as the bars are uniformity cooled.

Gear boxes & pinion stands
Reduction Gear Boxes
We manufacture highly efficient reduction gear boxes that are used for the driving of Roughing & Intermediate Trains. Made from forged, hardened & tempered alloy steel, these gears are caged in sturdy steel housing. Our reduction gear box are suitable to bear overloads resulting from the flywheel fitted on the input shaft.

  • High efficiency and safe operation
  • Compactly designed
  • High load capacity and overload functions
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in various mounting options

Pinion Stands
We offer accurately machined pinion stands for use in Roughing & Intermediate Mill trains. These pinions have hardened and tempered for smooth operation of the machine. The pinion is caged in a sturdy fabricated steel housing to cover the risk of any breakage. Available in 2Hi / 3Hi configurations, our pinion stands can bear excess load that results during speed rolling.

  • Available in 3 Hi or 2 Hi configuration suitable for 6" to 36" PCD mills
  • Accurately machined, totally enclosed abd oil tight
  • Sufficient lubrication system with dust proof caseing
  • Increased power density


Reduction Gear Boxes

Pinion Stands
TMT Equipment
We specialize in manufacturing TMT equipment for practically all sizes of bars and rods. Based on German technology, the package comprises of basic quenching box with set of high pressure injectors and strippers, direct drive shear and pinch rolls, instrumentations. The complete system can be controlled through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

The set comprises of bars with superior characteristic, even better than one specified by the national and international standards. We can offer TMT equipment in different specifications provide unique solutions to our clients.

  • Size: 8mm to 40mm
  • Speed: Upto 25 mts.

TMT Equipment

TMT Equipment
Cold Rolling Mills
Our cold rolling mills are used for deforming various metals by passing them through rollers at a temperature below its recrystallization temperature. This process of rolling increases the yield strength and hardness of a metal by introducing defects into the metal's crystal structure. These defects prevent further slip and also reduces the grain size of the metal.

We can design cold rolling mills and stainless steel cold rolling mills for breakdown rolling of both ferrous and non ferrous sheet and strips. With this technology, strip can be produced with tightest tolerances and at highest productivity levels, for carbon, stainless and special steel grades. The sheets are rolled by passing them through a cold reduction process on a reversing mill under high tension and pressure.

We also manufacture Cold Rolling Mill Equipment like Main Drives, Mill Stand Assembly, Coil Cars, Pinch Roll cum Flatner Units and Tension Reels. Our engineers have experience of designing and developing these equipment to some of the leading suppliers of Cold Mill Equipment like MECON (Ranchi) and Flat product & Equipments (I) Ltd. (Mumbai).

We have undertaken several projects for Cold Rolling Mills with our technological partner M/s. Pitel Engineering (Mumbai). Right from initial investment idea to planning, layout and engineering to construction and installation, we provide our customer the complete solutions for their niche requirements.

Apart from this, we also provide Rolling Mill jobs for ferrous and non-ferrous products. The range of services include:
  • Modernization and revamping jobs for production enhancements.
  • Turnkey jobs for ferrous & non-ferrous cold rolling mills.

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